& New Heritage Theatre Group Offer Broad Exposure to Clients, Advertisers and Program Sponsors — Extended Through Our Affiliate Network and Media Partners

Corporate / Client Branding  •  Audio & Video Spots  •  Digital Ads  •  Program Credit Mention  •   Social Media  •  EBlasts
Blogs  •  Event Listings  •  Web Banners

Utilizing our extensive affiliate media network, we generate from 300,000 to millions of impressions, based on your requirements.

Affiliate Network:

  • New Heritage Theatre Group
  • Clean Money Music
  • Rhythm & Soul Radio
  • Harlem World Magazine
  • Shades of Truth Theatre
  • IMPACT Repertory Theatre
  • Harlem Arts Alliance
  • Harlem Media Group
  • The Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce
  • 360 Marketing & Design
  • Philly Black
  • Harlem Shakespeare Festival
  • Countless Artists, Actors, Filmmakers & Producers
  • and More!

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